Kuala Lumpur..Malaysia..

You are welcome to Malaysia..One of Asean Country..The centre city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur..I have been stayed at Kuala Lumpur since I was 20 years old..means almost 5 years..i was studied at a college that located at Pandan Jaya..Kuala Lumpur is well-known with the second largest tower in the world, KLCC or Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers..

I bet you won’t have much problem to be in K.L..the people here almost can understand English language very well..You can see the different races of people here..Malaysians include Malays..(Asian skin colour, wearing a scarf,)..Chineses and Indians..You can also see a lot of foreigners..American..African..Arabian..and extra…
If you a kind of people who like to have an enjoyable holiday, you’re welcome to Kuala Lumpur..The night life here is great..At Bintang Walk, that is a clubbing area where you can hang out with your guys n see the hot chick..there are a lots of malls that you can go for shopping..KLCC, Mid Valley, One Utama and others..you can also have a great moment at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, the biggest water theme park in Malaysia..you can check-in at Sunway Hotel the 4 stars hotel..
If you want to gains a knowledge or do research,just go to the museum..hehehee..you also can have a tiring days at Zoo in Ampang..historical National Monument..
ermm..there’s a lot of place to go..just post me a question and I’m willing to answer you..


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